SINGLE AND JEWISH? You’ve Come to the Right Place

More Personal than the dating websites.
More Resources than all your friends combined.
More methodical than your mother.
Better odds than the bar scene.

(And a track record to prove it all.)

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs! All our clients share Jewish values and the hope for lifelong love and happiness. They come to us unsatisfied by the big Jewish dating sites and they’re always glad they did!

Our lives changed a year and a half ago when Laurie introduced us. She made our first date so easy-we ended the night already looking forward to the second date. We bring love, laughter, and excitement to each other’s lives, and we have Laurie to thank for all that awaits us in the future. If you’re looking for Jewish matchmaking services you can count on, look no further!
– Geoffrey, 33, and Meredith, 26 (married 2009), Charlotte, NC

Jonathan and I have lived within a mile of each other in Charleston for over ten years and never met until we joined Chai Expectations. We were married on January 20th, 2009, and are both tremendously happy- thanks to Chai Expectations!
– Robin (married 2009), Charleston, SC

Oftentimes we forget that God works in mysterious ways and our simplest act of kindness can produce miracles. Without Laurie, Bernie and I would not have met when we did. We are both very grateful and overjoyed at connecting with our true Jewish soul mate.
– Leah and Bernie (married, 2008), Charlotte, NC

Throughout my dating years, I have always had a big book of qualities of what I was exactly looking for in a man. It made dating very frustrating as I never could find a man with these qualities. I started to wonder maybe I am just picky or needed to compromise as I was never going to really find that man from my guideline book. But I never gave up. After much frustration and break from the dating world, I stumbled across Laurie’s advertisement for Chai Expectations and decided to give her services a try. Laurie met with me and took very detailed notes and attention to my dating qualifications. Within about 4 months of becoming a member of Chai Expectations and after 2 different introduction meeting set up by Laurie, I found the man of my dreams… fiancé. It is just amazing and magical! It is like Laurie took all the qualities I discussed with her and mixed them all up in a mixing bowl, put them in a mold, and created my fiancé just for me. It just took my fiancée one introduction meeting to find me and within only one month of becoming a member of Chai Expectations. Just like me, he had strict dating guidelines and specific qualities and characteristics he was looking for in women. He always struggled to find that women until Laurie’s magical match making came to play. He tells me that I am the women he was looking for his whole life. We couldn’t be a more perfect match for each other. It’s so perfect, we both wonder if this is really a dream. But it’s really a dream come true. Our family, friends, and other people always comment on how we are a perfect match. When people ask where we met, we proudly say from Laurie Berzack at Chai Expectations. Thanks to Laurie’s hard match making work, we have found each other and are looking forward to our wedding day to spend the rest of our life’s together.
– Vicky, engaged, March 2009 Charlotte, NC

Laurie is so much better than your best friend at doling out dating advice. Her extensive experience in creating matches makes her an invaluable resource. She cuts to the heart of the matter by asking you tough questions and then dispensing smart, sensible suggestions that you can take with you in your journey to find the man (or woman) of your dreams.
– Lisa, age 42, Charlotte, NC

Laurie is committed to turning Jewish dates into lasting Jewish partnerships. She is honoring her soul’s purpose and I am in awe of what she is doing.
– Rivka, Raleigh, NC

I recently moved to Charlotte and was having a hard time meeting people. I met with Laurie in hopes of meeting someone. She was very professional and helpful. I fell in love with the first person she introduced me to.
– Brad, 26, Charlotte, NC

What I like most about Laurie and Chai Expectations is that Laurie really listens to me and knows who and what I am looking for and, more importantly, what I am not looking for. This is not like the other Jewish dating services and so much better than Jewish personal ads or any executive dating service I know of. Laurie will help you find that new chapter in your life and begin creating history together.
– Eric, Atlanta, GA


Our first date was great. We had an engaging lunch, conversing effortlessly, warmly and openly. I can’t wait to see her again. She spoke eagerly of getting together again. We tentatively planned to get back together in 2 weeks over the weekend. Thanks so much Laurie. She’s perfect.
– Adam, 54, Charlotte, NC

I had tried a Jewish dating website and considered other Jewish matchmakers. But several people recommended Chai Expectations to me shortly after I moved to Charlotte, and I am so glad that they did. I was very impressed by Laurie’s holistic and personal approach. During my initial meeting with her, Laurie took a lot of time to learn about who I am and who I was looking for. She asked insightful questions, and truly seemed to understand what is important to me in a relationship. Laurie is genuinely and personally invested in introducing people who have the potential of being a “good match.” Laurie introduced me to a wonderful man who has added such richness to my life! I would highly recommend Chai Expectations and Laurie Berzack’s services
– Beth, Charlotte, NC

Are the extra bucks worth it? You bet. Until a Jewish dating agency or Jewish online dating service can ask follow-up questions in an attempt to come up with an ideal match, nothing can beat a face-to-face interview with a highly qualified expert. I have been completely satisfied with the matches chosen for me by Chai Expectations. For the safest investment in Jewish dating, bank on Laurie!
– Jamie, Greensboro, NC

Linda and I are good friends. I like her and I think we are good for each other and am glad you introduced us. While we are opposites in many ways, we also have much in common. The good part is that we continuously amuse each other in a way neither of us would have thought possible. She’s really the first woman I’ve ever met who parries my sense of humor with her own. And that, Laurie, is how we get along. Sure we disagree on some things, but so far we’ve found a way to ameliorate them mostly with humor or love.
– Jamie, Greensboro, NC

Laurie, we were thinking of you this Shabbos. It’s been three months since Sara and I first met. We are finding ourselves completely caught up in each other, amazed by our similarities and awed by our differences. We are growing together in the most wonderful ways. Sara’s family agreed to let me share her for Rosh Hashanah, so she’ll be coming to meet my folks in just a few weeks. I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting her folks a few weeks ago. They aren’t so different from my own.

Your talent at identifying our personalities, considering our shortcomings as well as our strengths, has led me to a woman for whom I already care deeply. We talk about everything! I’m so happy to have found my Jewish match at last.

We wish you continued successes in your service. Honestly, I was very skeptical, but you’re an excellent judge of character and clearly a very gifted matchmaker. I don’t see how Jewish dating websites can compete with your personal touch! Thank you so very much.
– Michael, Dallas, TX

I have really enjoyed working with Laurie. She is positive, intelligent, a good listener and, most importantly, a great judge of character. She tries hard to determine what is important to those with whom she works and I believe she is genuinely interested in making a good match for the right reasons.
– Edie, Greenville, NC

When it comes to professionalism I have been extremely impressed with Laurie at Chai Expectations. She has a unique way of really understanding what will work for her clients. Her accessibility is fantastic! She has an amazing way of making you feel like you are truly friends and that she has known you for a long time. In other words, she is not interested in signing someone up as a member and then leaving them on their own. Her follow up is amazing as is her consulting. Also and definitely not least importantly…she really conveys how much she cares and never gives off a feeling of being “bothered” or “rushed”. I would recommend “Chai” to anyone that is serious about meeting that special person.
– Jack, Charlotte, NC, age 55

Laurie, it was an absolutely delightful evening! I totally enjoyed Mark’s company. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I have such admiration for you and your company. It’s wonderful to see in this somewhat crazy world of ours.
– Cindi, Charlotte, NC

Much more than someone who ensures that your dating life continues in the midst of work deadlines and travel obligations, Laurie is a dating coach who gives you confidence that with time, energy, and patience, the right person will appear and the relation that was “meant to be” will materialize. It took me just six months after relocating to the South to realize I couldn’t do this alone: there were fewer Jews and my social network was hundreds of miles away. Engaging Laurie’s help was absolutely the right decision; now, as I continue to settle into my new home and new job, I know that there’s someone sharing the responsibility for helping me find happiness. Even better, it’s been fun along the way.
– Lauren, Columbia, SC, age 33

Some of the names of our clients have been changed to preserve confidentiality

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